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Steamboat Frozen Food

Leading HALAL Steamboat (HotPot) Frozen Food Supplier in KL, Selangor, Malaysia 

We specialize in a variety of delicious ingredients essential for steamboat (hot pot) and barbecue (BBQ), ranging from fish balls, shrimp balls, crab balls to squid balls, and further to fish paste, shrimp paste, and seafood tofu, all of which are exclusively produced by us.

We take pride in offering a one-stop service, from farming, production, and packaging to sales,  ensuring that our products maintain a consistent standard of excellence. Rest assured, our products are certified with top-notch standards such as ★HACCP★GMP★MeSTI★HALAL, guaranteeing safety and quality for your peace of mind.

With advanced technology, we preserve the natural nutrients of seafood while keeping the ingredients remarkably fresh, with a freshness level of 95-99%. Whether you're cooking at home, operating a small restaurant, or engaging in large-scale wholesale, we warmly welcome you to visit us!